Nic Gyalson’s project started in 2013, coming back


from a two-week documentary shooting (Storia di Un Casco by Fulvio Mariani) in


the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, a desert, frozen mountain environment where


inspiration can develop freely. Combining his two passions, film and music, he


decided to start working on what was going to become his debut album,


ALLUVISION. Three years where devoted to shaping the piece of work, an


ambitious debut album blending Nic’s main influences: psychedelic rock, minimal


techno and Delta blues. [Read More]














                                         Nic Gyalson, 2017 © photo by Anya Della Toffola




















                                                                   Serena Maggini


                                                                   center to right:

                                                                   Dario Pedrazzi

                                                                   Francesco Martire




Nic Gyalson: vocals, Hammond organ, guitars, synthesizer, electric piano


Serena Maggini: backing vocals, sequencer, synthesizer, percussion, sound fx


Dario Pedrazzi: drums


Francesco Martire: bass







Anya Della Toffola: photography, merchandising. Visit her photography blog!


Fabio Laghi: web design, co-screenwriter.


ICEBERG-Film: video & sound design post-production, video gear.


IRASCIBLE Music: record label, publishing and distribution for ALLUVISION in Switzerland.


S.O.F.A. Ltd: Booking Agency for Switzerland.






Mino Tunesi, for supporting the production of ALLUVISION.


Patricia Ranzi, for the help with the lyrics.


Andrea Cajelli, for giving birth to the sound of ALLUVISION. May he rest in peace.