I’m a singer-songwriter, composer, music producer and videomaker from Lugano, Switzerland.

Welcome to my website!


I’m currently making a new album full of heartfelt songs produced by Pietro Foresti which I’m really looking forward to releasing!

In the past years I recorded 2 albums to share my first stories and thoughts with the world.

Nic Gyalson - Alluvision (album)
Nic Gyalson - Alluvision (album)
Nic Gyalson - You Could Almost (album)
Nic Gyalson - You Could Almost (album)


I offer services as a composer for songs and film soundtracks, and as a music producer for other artists.

Here a few projects I worked for:

The Silk Snow (documentary trilogy)

SOS Bavaria (documentary)

Sottosopra (TV series)

The Little Dragon (single by Flavio Calaon)

Nic Gyalson Soundtracks 2014 - 2017
Soundtracks 2014 - 2017 (compilation)
Flavio Calaon - The Little Dragon (single)
Flavio Calaon - The Little Dragon (single)


I’ve always loved expressing myself through songwriting, music composition and video-art.

My first 2 albums wouldn’t be the same without their visual component.

Especially the 2nd, You Could Almost, was conceived as an audiovisual tale from the beginning.

On my YouTube channel I upload everything from music videos, clips from live shows, teasers, sessions and more.

Hope you enjoy!


After focusing for a long time on my own project, I realised it was time for me to use my experience to help other artists bring their ideas to life. I therefore decided to open my own music production studio.

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