Who Is Nic Gyalson?

I was born in Locarno, Switzerland, on May 18 1992.

I decided I wanted to be a musician at the age of 13, when I first heard Jon Lord, the organist from Deep Purple. I immediately knew that wanted to play the Hammond organ.

And that was it, until I discovered the blues, the 60s psychedelic rock and the 70s experimental electronic music, and fell in love with guitars, electric piano and synthesizers too.

After high school, I started to train as camera operator and graduated as sound technician.

My first job was on a documentary by father, Fulvio Mariani, in the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh. There, my inspiration was catalyzed by the majestic, desert environment, and when I got back home I had lots of ideas which I then developed into songs for my debut album.

I produced ALLUVISION in 2015 at La Sauna Recording Studio (Varese, Italy) with drummer Dario Pedrazzi and sound engineer Andrea Cajelli, a wonderful man who really boosted my excitement and love for studio work but sadly passed away shortly after.

Between 2014 and 2017 I composed the soundtrack for the documentaries The Silk Snow: Afghan Winter, The Silk Snow: To The Origins Of Skiing, Orbayu, SOS Bavaria and for the Swiss TV series Sottosopra.

I collected the best tracks from these works on an album, and played them during a unique show with my band in December 2017, while the films were projected in sync.

Between 2018 and 2019 I recorded my 2nd album You Could Almost with Serena Maggini and Dario Pedrazzi, the musicians I was working with at that time and we presented it on October the 24th 2019.

Nic Gyalson