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Do you ever feel artistically chained?

How many times have you perceived your project as slow, stuck, held back?

And how many times did you spend a lot of energy, time and resources on a song, without getting anything in return?


This happens when you lose the big picture, when you forget the motive and purpose of your project.

It’s more common than you might think.


Your project in these conditions is like a boat without helmsman and with the engine at full throttle: it goes around in circles, adrift.


It is exactly for this reason that every music production needs a tailor-made guide, a record producer free of preconceptions and presets, who can read your expressive necessities and amplify them, directing your efforts towards a clearly defined goal and a result of the highest possible quality.


“But is it really necessary to hire a producer?” you might be wondering. …let me explain:

An artist fills a number of different roles: he can be author, composer and performer. Furthermore, nowadays an artist is often his own financier, manager, booking agent, driver and secretary, a situation that involves huge, constant mental engagement.


At this pace, sooner or later you’re going to lose the big picture and you’ll get stuck on misleading particulars, which will dramatically hamper your progress towards your results.

You have to know that these are the main reasons of failure of many, many projects.


As a record producer, it is my duty to prevent that from happening.


I make sure the artist stays focused on the core of his project at all times, and I accompany him towards his final goal.


In working with me, not only will you find technical help and a well-equipped production studio, because instruments and gear are useless without a clear idea.

Instead, you’ll find attention, willingness to listen and true passion, in addition to my expertise and vocation to teamwork supervision.


Moreover, you’ll have access to the network of professionals that I’ve built over the years, and the guarantee that your project will be developed with attention to detail, but always with an attentive gaze on its backbone – its nucleus of meaning – which I know is a reflection of an artist’s soul.


After getting in touch with me, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to see whether there’s common ground to work together, and also to answer to your doubts and concerns.

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It is my firm conviction that music, and art in general, can truly act as an enzyme of the collective subconscious, catalysing – sometimes even violently – socio-cultural evolution.


My role and goal as a record producer is to do my best to foster this process.


I essentially accompany the artist and guide him through all the phases of the production process, following him step by step, from songwriting until release, and I make sure that the product is coherent with the artist’s own identity and vision.


Over a decade of experience as a singer-songwriter, film music composer and director/video-maker has led me to develop my natural vocation in directing working groups and serve as executive producer.


I therefore take care of selecting a coordinating all the people involved in the production chain, in order to channel everyone’s effort towards the ultimate goal: the creation of a high quality musical product which not only represents for the artist the mirror of his soul, but also a powerful weapon in the continuation of his career.


TouchTime Records is the name of my individual firm.


I founded it in 2016 as a record label to publish my first songs as a singer-songwriter.


Since 2021, it is based in the Davesco-Soragno neighbourhood of Lugano, Switzerland, where I built a music production studio within the building shared with ICEBERG-Film SA, the audiovisual production company with which I collaborate.


It is NOT a rentable recording studio, but a space conceived to develop the projects that I fund or supervise as record and/or executive producer.


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