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New album out now

Yellow House comes on yellow transparent vinyl!

You won’t find it on any streaming platforms.

It’s only available on my Bandcamp page, both in the digital form and on vinyl.

Yellow House can’t help but be my maturity album.

As in life, so in music.


Produced by the excellent Pietro Foresti, Yellow House brings you some cool Alternative Rock with a strong British matrix flirting with Blues and Pop music, resulting in a catchy, colourful and persuasive formula.


Yellow House encloses the emotive charge of the development and end of a toxic yet enduring relationship; the birth of a son and the resulting paternal responsibility; the experience of a lockdown-period far away from the beloved one, as well as the awareness of my own biological functioning, matured through the doctrine of the five biological laws discovered by Dr. Hamer (1935-2017).


Themes such as the awareness of the ridiculous retributive paradigm within digital music industry (FUCK YOU SPOTIFY) and the hysteria emerged in the covid-era are as well part of Yellow House, expressed through clear choices (yeah, you won’t find it on streaming platforms).

This is Shy Peacock, the first single from Yellow House

Play Video about Nic Gyalson Shy Peacock

The metaphor of the shy peacock highlights the egocentric attitude of most contemporary artists and criticises the dynamics of a corrupt market that wants to sell us some phantom “visibility” while keeping most of the income (the real “success”) for themselves. All dynamics and models of which I’m aware and that I now reject and disdain.




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